Saturday, 13 August 2022

Compliments Project Rylan

 This week we once again participated in the compliments project, this time for Rylan. Rylan has been off sick so we thought it would be nice to send him some kind thoughts. We are also finding it easier to give genuine, specific compliments to people outside of the room, although this will change very soon!

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Fun With Harold!

For the past three weeks we have been visiting Harold and Sylvia at the Life Caravan. This years focus has been the brain!

In our first session we learnt the difference between fixed and growth mindsets. We also learnt about the areas if the brain and their different roles.

Next we learnt about friendship. We discussed having a positive self esteem and positive relationships.

In our final session we talked about our identity and different personality types. We had a great time with Harold this term - thank you Sylvia!

Farewell Rongomatane!

 We have had our fair share of goodbyes this year in Room 4. Our latest went to Rongo, who as a year eight was with our class for two years and will be missed.

However, his goodbye presented us with a great opportunity- to start the compliments project! This is a project where class members take turns to give positive, thoughtful compliments to a student by writing them on the whiteboard behind them. 

This is a great example of what it should look like. The compliments are specific and describe Rongos strengths. 

We hope you have an amazing time at your new school Rongo!

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Mass and Capacity

 Today Room 4 learnt about Mass and Capacity. To support us to build our understanding, we completed rotations to experience measuring the mass and capacity of a range of objects.

"For my group’s first rotation we were tasked to measure and weigh different items in grams and ml. For our items we could choose from a book, a whiteboard marker, a “no fishing” sign from our fish tank, a hand sanitizer bottle, a pack of paper clips and a pencil. We weighed them in grams.

...For our third and last rotation we got to measure with more measuring cups along with an actual cup/mug a bowl and syringes and more containers. I honestly think that this rotation was my favourite out of them all because I didn’t know that there were so many ways to measure out liquids and other stuff. "

Check out Lili-May's slides to learn more about this activity!

Friday, 29 July 2022

Rose in the Concrete - Tupac Shakur

 This week we have been learning about figurative language in poetry. Today we learnt about personification and had to identify its use in a poem. Check out Kahzyilou's slides below to learn more.

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

What makes a good learner?

 Today our literacy class discussed the difference between learning and behaviour. We realised that our behaviour has an impact on our learning. However, we also considered the fact that sometimes staying silent and sitting up nicely (or appearing well behaved) isn't enough to support us in our learning.

We each created a word cloud of ideas of what makes a good learner and shared our ideas: we had heaps in common!

These were our common themes:

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Better Together

 Today Room 4 continued to develop our class treaty. We participated in our first mini class debate, in which every learner had the opportunity to share their opinions. We did a fantastic job justifying our opinions and being willing to share our ideas with others.

This afternoon we played a game of 'hand soccer'. This is always hilarious and gave us a chance to work with each other while getting our bodies moving. This game involves a lot more skill than it might seem at first - experience in netball and basketball seemed to pay off!