Tuesday, 17 August 2021

All about me poster- Personal poster. Cyber Smart poster!

Kia Ora! This week for cyber smart we created a poster about us. We focused on keeping it positive and relevant. Bellow is some examples of room 4 student posters. Make sure you share a positive comment! 


Healthy me Healthy you!

For the past 3 weeks we have had the opportunity to visit Harold and his helper Sylvia. She taught us about healthy choices including the food we eat and the choices we make. We got to scan Romans brain and put the stars on the roof. Rongos favorite part about Harold was the class activates we got to do and learnt that energy drinks are as dangerous as drugs!! We are excited to see what Miss Hall teaches us in class about how to keep ourselves healthy. 


Friday, 6 August 2021

Ka Kite Ano!

 For the first two weeks of term two, Room 4 have been lucky enough to have two teachers! Miss Hall has joined Room 4 and will be taking over from Mrs Stone who is leaving to go on maternity leave today. She has come from teaching Y7/8 at Kohimarama School and is really looking forward to teaching at Pt England!

Mrs Stone has loved her time with Room 4 this year. They have always shown a positive attitude towards their learning and have had a wonderful start to 2021.

Monday, 26 July 2021

Healthy Me, Healthy You

 This term our inquiry topic is 'Healthy Me, Healthy You' which is all about health and physical education.  The video below shows our highlights:

Read Aye's recount of the assembly below:

Today is the first day back at school and it is now officially Term 3! This term's inquiry theme is, 'Healthy Me, Healthy You'. We are focusing on our health both mentally and physically. This inquiry theme was also probably inspired by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

An immersion assembly was held this morning and we were able to see each teams' movies and play.
I personally enjoyed Team 5's one, (which was a play of the Olympics), because it was quite entertaining. Miss Hall even did a cartwheel!

However I also quite enjoyed Team 3's movie. Miss Scanlan was the main character who was basically in a game. In the first round, she stayed up late playing games, didn't eat breakfast, and didn't have a healthy lunch. This resulted in her losing hearts, which sort of resembles her health.
But there was round 2 and in that round, she managed to earn hearts back by making the correct, (and better) choices.

It's been a great start to Term 3 so far. I can't wait to see what this term has in store for us!

Friday, 9 July 2021

Watch this Space

 This term the students had to create an animation about space. They used a programme called Hyperstudio on our school iMacs to complete the images and then used either Quicktime or iMovie to add a voice over or additional effects. Check out a few examples below!

By Finau

By Austin

By Aye

Friday, 18 June 2021

Master Thief Game Release - Austin

 Austin is our resident game designer/ programmer/ animator and coding whizz. In his spare time he designs amazing animations and coding projects. One of these projects was a game called Master Thief.

These images showcase some of the features of the game, but to really experience it you have to check it out on scratch : https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/502014692/

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Fiafia 2021

We have just celebrated our school Fiafia or cultural night. Check out some of the students reflections!

 "Last night we had Fiafia, it's when our school goes into cultural groups and does a performance for the families that come and watch. The group I was in was the Senior Samoan group, when we went to perform everyone cheered for us joyfully. My favourite group was the Junior Hip group, along with the Tongan Girls, they were both so amazing because, both groups looked really interested in what they were doing,and tried so hard to make everyone proud, anyways, most of all it was very fun, and am pretty sure everybody enjoyed it as well."  - Norah Jade

"Last night, a special performance took place at Pt England School. It was the night of Fia Fia. When school finished, I just stayed, and hung out with my friend Rongo. I bought a mango Otai for me and some of my other friends. After hours of waiting, preparation for Fia Fia had finally began. Along with some of my friends like Devante, Jermaine, Chaun, Simon and Lucian, I was in the Hip-Hop group. Though it wasn't really cultural or anything, I was happy to be there! After quite a few groups, it was finally our turn! We went up on the stage and it was kind of nerve-racking... But I managed to stay in the positions of our dance. I had so much fun during our dance, dancing with my friends. At the end of our dance, we were tired, but relieved it was finished... Overall, it was a fantastic experience! My favourite dance to watch was probably the senior Samoan group, just 'cause it's my culture and it looked awesome!" - Austin