Friday, 9 February 2018


Today Room 4 completed their first ever Breakout! A Breakout is a problem solving game where learners have to solve a series of clues to escape from a room or open a box. Our first Breakout was digital, which meant that we worked in teams of four or five to solve clues on a Google site.

We were given an introductory Breakout today so that we could get the hang of how to play the game. Later on in the year we will complete Breakouts that are linked to what we are learning.

All of the groups worked well together and everyone made a lot of progress. Hazel's group was the first to Breakout, so they were able to unlock the box and claim their prize. Seconds later Tidus' group broke out and received a prize as well. Then Makayla's group came in at third place.

The other groups were very close to Breaking out but they did not make it before the timer. However, everyone did really well for their first time and they will be more experienced next time they play.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Active Learning!

Today in Mrs Stone's literacy class we discussed whether there is a difference between being well behaved and being a good learner. The majority of us agreed that the right attitude and behaviour can help us in our learning, but that there is a difference between them. We then created a list of words and values that we think a good or active learner has. We turned this list into a word art to share our ideas with others.

Troy created this word art. He wrote that the most important traits of an active learner are taking risks, sharing your ideas and learning from others (not just the teacher).

Friday, 2 February 2018


We have just completed our first week of school in 2018! We spent our first two days together as a home class before we visited our maths and literacy classes on Friday. It has been a great opportunity to get to know each other and our routines.

We have discussed the importance of forming positive relationships and working well with others, so we spent some time completing team building activities. One of these activities was called 'the floor is lava'. We split into our four houses and had to race across a court. We were given cardboard squares to stand on, but there was a catch; we didn't have enough squares for our entire team,

It was a lot of fun watching everyone travel to the other side and the activity involved lots of team work and effective communication.

In another one of our activities we had to get a hoop around the entire class without letting go of each others hands. We tried to do this as quickly as we could, but the task got more challenging as more hoops were introduced!