Thursday, 22 November 2018


Image result for creeped out Marti

Check out "Marti" an episode from Creeped Out that is another example of a technological thriller. 

First write a short summary of the episode (without giving the ending away).

Second what is the main theme of this video and the text that we have been reading in class? What message is the author trying to convey?

Friday, 16 November 2018

Lamb to the Slaughter

In literacy we have been reading slightly longer and more complex texts to prepare for college. Check out what Venice created below - her story is linked on the last slide.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Lest We Forget

This year Room 4 created a movie in remembrance of the world wars. We found out that this November marks 100 years since Armistice day, which was the last day of WW1. Check out our movie 100 years:

We created this movie to show the difference between our expectation of war and the reality of war. In the beginning the students are playing a war game, but at the end they experiencing the war as real soldiers. Our writers put in a lot of thought to our story, so you might notice some symbolism and metaphor in our movie. What do you think the holi powder represents?

Monday, 15 October 2018

Expressing meaning through art

This morning at PES we attended our termly immersion assembly. In these assemblies, the teachers present something that will inspire the learners about the theme of the term. This terms them is te wa toi - art time!

The team 5 created a skit in which the 'students' of an art class created images that expressed different meanings. For example, the use of the colour blue represented sadness, while a square represented a confined space.

In response to this, Room 4 Literacy decided to create a piece of art that represented their holidays. This could be literal (e.g. I drew the beach I visited) or figurative (e.g. I drew the sun because my holiday was filled with joy).

Can you guess what the meaning of these images above could be? Bonus if you can write a story that accompanies the picture below - believe it or not, it's creator came up with a wonderful justification about the meaning of the piece.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018


This morning Room 4 Literacy participated in a formal debate about Fortnite. We gathered some information about the game and wrote a clear paragraph that described one reason why we thought it should or should not be banned for children under 13.


We then staged a formal debate between members of the Dahl and Ihimaera reading groups, while the rest of the class judged the strength and clarity of each speakers arguments.

We found that the Dahl girls had written clear arguments that were backed up with a lot of facts - this made them harder to rebut and encouraged our audience to agree with what they were saying.

While the boys arguments contained less factual information, they spoke with great confidence and they constructed very strong rebuttals arguing the points the girls were making. This displayed the difference between oral and written language to us all - while the girls arguments were perhaps stronger on paper, the boys delivery and clever rebuttals made it a close debate!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Nelson Mandela

In literacy Hilary was researching famous upstanders. Check out her DLO with facts about Nelson Mandela.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Paikea's Exercise Song!

Paikea had to edit an existing song (Don't give up by six60) so that it had a message about exercise and used technical vocabulary. Check out the lyrics here:

Stop Giving Up. yeah
I'm telling you
Telling you
Telling you, Why
Don’t give it up
No, no, no
It’s good for you 
to ex-er-ciiiiiiise

Losing Weight
Keeps you fit and en-errr-giiiised
Healthy Brains
Pushing through all the time

Don’t you complain.
Just run, bike, swim and train…
Keep pushing hard, yeah

I'm telling you
Telling you
Telling you, Why
Don’t give it up
No, no, no
It’s good for you 
to ex-er-ciiiiiiise, yeah