Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Digital Noho

 This evening we had a Digital Noho - we all took our Chromebooks home and took part in a Google Meet after school. This was so we could have a practice for lockdown and to check we know what we would do if it happened again! 

Everyone followed Good Manners for Google Meets - keeping our mics switched off unless we were speaking and using the chat for questions if need be. 

All but two of our students in Room 4 made it, which was a fantastic turn out! We also had students from Room 1 join us which was great to see.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Introducing Room 4

 At the start of the year we created our Room 4 Treaty. Watch the video below to learn about our treaty principles and meet our class!

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Who are Room 4?

This term Room 4 have the pleasure of blogging with Room 5 at Wesley Intermediate and Room 4 at Ahipara School through Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu. We are really looking forward to getting to know both of these classes. We have made a presentation to introduce each learner to help you learn a little about them before checking out their blogs.  We have also created a video so you can see how to pronounce their names and learn about our class!


Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Attitude Talk by Simon

 Today, we had an attitude talk with a girl named Jana. She all really helped us understand ourselves by having a great self appreciation and realising that we're all unique in our own way. 

My favourite part of the attitude talk was when she talked about personality traits. We found out that there were four main personality traits, and they’re assigned as animals. The first personality trait we learnt about was the otter.

We learnt that the otter was a personality trait of a clown. They always try to have fun, even if it’s the most boring thing ever. The otter reminds me of my friend Bradley, he always tries to have fun and also gets in trouble a lot for talking… way too much

The second one we learnt about was the lion. We learnt that the lion was the leader in everything. They assign everyone jobs and it’s a great pair with an otter. Knowing that one of my friends, named Oalii, makes me think that lions are very mature and respectable. She’s also very great friends with Bradley, an otter.

Another one we learnt about was the golden retriever. The golden retriever is basically the angel in every group. They’re too nice to say no, and also they would do anything. They’re so nice to the point where everyone would ask him/her and they’ll say yes to everything. 

This reminds me of me back then, but thankfully I learnt to say no to things I’m not comfortable with. 

Lastly, and finally, the otter. The otter is basically the perfectionist. He has high expectations and is always hard working. They have trouble trying to believe that if they don’t get a high score in a test, they aren’t perfect. 

These are the four personality traits we learnt from Jana. We all thank her for telling us who we really are and we're all unique in our own ways. 

I hope she’s able to come back to our school and teach the new intermediate block how to appreciate themselves more.

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

The Robbery - Rae Jae

He had just woken up. It was a disaster when he stepped out of the door. There was nothing left. He had been robbed. No TV, no wallet and they took his whole life, the painting he had created that cost $8B, It was worth his life to him. The painting took him 32 years to finish.

What he created in 32 years was destroyed in about 5 minutes. Now that the painting was gone he quit his job as an artist. He was upset. The police checked the cameras but nothing was spotted, It was like the robbers never came.  

That's what he would have said if he really got robbed. You see the one the robbers stole was a fake. His real painting was locked in a highly secure base located in an unknown base. He was the only one who knew where it was.

He laughed at the robbers...

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Interview with the Prime Minister

 Last week we were fortunate enough to have the Prime Minister over for lunch (yes really). After lunch, the prefects took the Prime Minister on a tour of the school, which ended with an interview with our school news crew.

Aye, Kris, Finau, Madi and Nadia from Room 4 were lucky enough to capture the footage of the Prime Minister and act as our official media team for the day. Madi, Finau and Kris operated the camera equipment, while Aye and Nadia were our news presenters. Check out their interview below!