Friday, 29 July 2022

Rose in the Concrete - Tupac Shakur

 This week we have been learning about figurative language in poetry. Today we learnt about personification and had to identify its use in a poem. Check out Kahzyilou's slides below to learn more.

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

What makes a good learner?

 Today our literacy class discussed the difference between learning and behaviour. We realised that our behaviour has an impact on our learning. However, we also considered the fact that sometimes staying silent and sitting up nicely (or appearing well behaved) isn't enough to support us in our learning.

We each created a word cloud of ideas of what makes a good learner and shared our ideas: we had heaps in common!

These were our common themes:

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Better Together

 Today Room 4 continued to develop our class treaty. We participated in our first mini class debate, in which every learner had the opportunity to share their opinions. We did a fantastic job justifying our opinions and being willing to share our ideas with others.

This afternoon we played a game of 'hand soccer'. This is always hilarious and gave us a chance to work with each other while getting our bodies moving. This game involves a lot more skill than it might seem at first - experience in netball and basketball seemed to pay off!

Monday, 25 July 2022

Art Works

 This term we will be focussing on The Arts. Our overarching inquiry question is: how do we tell a story through the arts? 

We kicked off the term with our immersion assembly, where each team presented an item to introduce the theme 'Art Works'. Check out some highlights below:

"My favourite item had to be the Team 4 item.
Team 4’s item was about making art in different ways such as
Photography, Music, and Dancing.
I liked their item because it was fun and creative in many different ways." Lynette

"My favourite was the team 5 item because I’m biased. They cosplayed beauty and the beast and they reenacted the song (Beauty and the Beast) and the scene from the movie. Mr Wiseman played Belle and Mr Moran was the beast." Chaun

"Honestly my favourite one out of the teams was team 1. Each of the teachers made a painting about how they were feeling. Mrs Lal did a happy one,Mrs Dwyer did a scary one I think and Miss Shirley did a tired one. They also used different colours to paint their paintings. My favourite out of the paintings would have to be Mrs Lal's." Angelica

Welcome to Term 3!

 Today Mrs Stone returned to Room 4 to take over from Miss Hall who will be teaching in Dubai - she will be missed!

To restart our year we played some team building games and discussed our class values. We will start to co-construct a treaty that will support us for the rest of the year and to set the year sevens up for success in 2023.

Half Pipe Game

Team Relays

What an amazing first day back for Term 3!