Monday, 17 May 2021

Year 7 Snorkeling Trip

 The year sevens are super lucky this year! Usually they stay at school while the year eights go to camp, but this year they are heading to Goat Island for a snorkelling trip! This is being provided by Experiencing Marine Reserves and Whitebait Connection. We are enjoying some awesome science lessons with them as well as our snorkelling lessons and experiences. 

This video shows our first snorkelling lesson!

Friday, 7 May 2021

Building a Raft

 This morning Room 4 took part in a team building STEAM challenge - to build a vessel capable of carrying the weight of a small plastic animal. They were given straws, tape, cardboard and some decorative items.

This week we have been learning to recognise the strength in others and to be willing to work with anyone in the class. This challenge demanded that we communicate effectively with one another and think critically to build our craft.

There were some really creative designs and every group did something a little bit different. This is fantastic as we all bring different strengths and ideas to our groups.