Thursday, 25 February 2021

Having the Prime Minister for Lunch


Today we had a once in a life time opportunity...We met the Prime Minister! She came because she created a policy for schools to get free lunches and we are one of them! Room 21, which is a year 3 and 4 class emailed her about how much they liked the lunches. She loved the emails so much that she decided she wanted to come to our school.

It was such an awesome experience, when she arrived she joined us for an assembly. We sang waiata, said a karakia and listened to her speak. We couldn't believe what she said!

The Prime Minister talked to us about all the letters she get's (She reads all of them!). She said "You don't have to be old for people to care about you opinions". It inspired us because we thought you had to be an adult to speak up! She also told us a bit about her life and asked if their were any issues that worried us. We talked about Covid, the house prices and student access to advices.

After giving her some flowers and the Manaiakalani hook, she came to room four and ate lunch with us. She handed the lunches out one by one to everyone. We got asked question by the Prime Minister like: "What do you think could improve in the lunches?", and "What was your favourite lunch so far?".

The Prime Minister was really considerate when talking to us, she gave everyone a piece of her time. Our school is so grateful for this experience and hoped she enjoyed her visit. Thank you Prime Minister, for everything. We will never forget having lunch with you.

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Cybersmart Challenge: Kawa of Care by Kiarah

 This week Kiarah completed the Kawa of Care Challenge. Check out her creation below :

We have been in Level 3 for 2 days know and we are going over the rules of how we need to follow the kawa of care. This means looking after our chrome-books, and making sure that we are being cybersmart. There will be tasks for us to complete every week on the Cybersmart Challenge Blog.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

I am ready for learning! - Finau


This week Auckland has gone back into level 3. This means that most of our students are staying home and learning online through our class sites and google meets. As one of our activities today, we have been completing this weeks Cybersmart Challenge made by Mr Goodwin. Check out Finau's top tips for online learning above.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Welcome to Room 4 Maths

 Today we met our maths class for the first time. It was really good to start setting up our maths class norms. We completed a few maths challenges to get to know our groups and to establish our norms.

We had a Number quiz, a Geometry lego/listening challenge and a tangram challenge.

From these activities we realised that to be an effective maths class we need:

To communicate effectively by sharing our ideas and listening carefully

To have resilience: to persevere through challenging tasks and to have patience with others when they need support

To show respect to others with the way we speak and act

To try our best so that we can succeed.

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Room 4 Literacy

Today we met our literacy class for the first time. Our main activity was to write a letter to introduce ourselves and then we went on to complete some activities to meet our reading groups. 

We completed a range of activities that required us to work well as a team. We started with a listening game before moving on to a puzzle and a cup stacking challenge. Finally we created a piece of collaborative art.

We agreed that to be successful we needed to:

Communicate effectively by listening and sharing our ideas
Show respect to others by using kind words
Have a positive attitude and participate

Friday, 5 February 2021

Marshmallow Challenge Recount - Nadia

Room 4 have been continuing to develop our class norms. Check out this team building activity recounted by Nadia:

During the first period of school today, we did a challenge in class, the marshmallow challenge. The marshmallow challenge is where you’re given spaghetti sticks, tape, a roll of string, and a marshmallow. With those items you have to make a tower with the marshmallow sitting at the top, the group with the tallest tower wins.

We were split into small groups, I was with Aye, Jane, and Tsai. We had 20 minutes. 2 to plan a strategy, and 18 minutes to build the tower. 

We had no plan except to go with the flow. Tsai decided to cut up multiple strips of tape for us while me and Aye placed the spaghetti sticks randomly to form some sort of structure. The time was running out and we still had no idea what we were doing.

Even though we started without a plan we still worked together placing pieces of tape over each other, over lapping it. We kept placing the marshmallow on the top every now and then seeing if what we made was strong enough. Jane was the one who gave us the idea of adding more tape in specific areas to help it stay stable. In the end our teamwork and random ideas were what helped us win the challenge with our tower standing at around 60cm tall. Not only that but our way of prototyping helped us figure out.


Wednesday, 3 February 2021

First Day of School!

Today was our first day back at Pt England! After getting in to our classes we started to work on our class norms and treaty.

We started by playing a game where we had to pass a hoop around in a group, half and as a whole class. Then we reflected on the skills we needed to collaborate successfully.

Next we moved outside for two challenges: the floor is lava and flip the tarp. We had some great examples of teamwork in both of these games. In the first round the year sevens won the tarp challenge (flipping a tarp while standing on top of it) then the teams drew.

After another debrief we moved onto our final game; half pipe golf. In this game the two teams had to get a golf ball from one side of the class to another using half pipes. It was a lot harder than it looked! The year eights won this time, but there was a group of year sevens who were determined to complete the challenge which was fantastic.