Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Genomics Hui Day

Wow what an amazing day we have all had! Students from Glen Innes Primary and Glenbrae came to visit us this morning so we could share our Genomics learning with one another and compete for prizes!

We started with a mihi, karakia and waiata to set up the day, before we got split up into groups. There were students from each school in all of the groups.

After introducing ourselves it was time to start talking about Genomics! Every student presented one aspect of their learning to their group. We were really proud of our students as everyone had the courage to share.

Then finally we had a competition, similar to mathletics. We had to answer a science question and then run to the panel to check if it was correct before moving on to the next question. It was great seeing everyone working together to get the answers.

We would like to thank Jannie and Thierry for organising such a fantastic day!

Friday, 25 October 2019


This term our main subjects for inquiry are the performing arts (Dance and Drama) as well as Genomics. In Room 4, Mrs Stone has been teaching students about K-pop. Check out these amazing slides by Inga, Jedida, Marie, Tha-zin and Zaeeda. The girls present a balanced view about the history of Kpop and its influences. Be sure to scroll to the last slide to watch their performance!

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Cheek Cells by Tatia

Today in room 4 we got to look at cheek cells. We had to look at them through microscopes it was really cool looking at our own cells.During that time whenever my group (Me,Farah and Terapi) looked at the microscope we saw really weird designs like tiny circles and paint! When we looked at the highest setting we could see the cells.

What we needed:
1* Lolly pop stick
3*Sodium Chloride
4*Methylene Blue (stain)

What we needed to do:
1* Put a lolly pop stick inside our mouths and rub it on our cheeks but not too hard
2* Then we had to wipe the lolly pop stick on a slide.
3*Next we added a drop of sodium chloride on top of the slide
4*Finally we added a drop of methylene blue to stain the water and cells blue. This meant that our slides were ready to go under the microscopes

First it looked like this:
Image result for cheek cells low magnification"

But under higher magnification (closer up) it looks like this:

Image result for cheek cells"

Thursday, 17 October 2019

How to be a good person

Are you contemplating whether or not you are a good person? Check out Bethan's essay below for some great advice for life!

Are you a good person? How can you tell? There’s got to be some things that make people good. So what are they. In this essay I will label key characteristics that create a good person.

Respect. Everyone likes someone who knows to be respectful to others. Respect is something everyone, no matter what gender race or upbringing, deserves. You’re ability to recognise that makes you a good person.

Humility. Being humble is something that people need to do more these days. Humility gives us the ability to share our help without showing disregard to another person’s needs. For example: if someone is good at math and they are helping other people they will help the person without saying how simple they think it is.

Compassion. If you sympathise with other people you’re more likely to help them and you’ll find yourself helping people more. Getting into the habit of it will create a new way for you to get a good attitude about the way you are impacting other people’s lives. Making your life live to its utmost potential.

If you take these qualities and put them into your daily life. You will mature as a person and find the ability to make better decisions. It won’t be easy but you will be a good person. If we gather these qualities as a species, we can make the world a better place

Monday, 14 October 2019

Room 4 Champions

At the end of last term many students in room 4 represented different sports teams in competitions around the country.

First, Jacob, Jayden and Caleb travelled to Taupo to represent Marist Rugby Club at the New Zealand Junior Rugby Festival. This was a great opportunity to compete against other rugby teams from around New Zealand.

Then Paikea travelled to Tauranga to represent our school at the AIMS tournament for swimming. She competed in the 100m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly. We were really proud of her, especially as she was the only person in our school to qualify!

In the holidays Makayla travelled to the sunshine coast to compete in a waka ama tournament. She participated in the under 12, 12 man 250m straights,  under 12s 6 man 500m turns, under 12s 6 man 250 straights,  under 14 6 man 4km and under 12s singles 250m straight. She placed several times, and she won the under 14 6 man 5km race!

We are really proud of all of our athletes and will keep track of their progress as they have more competitions coming up!