Sunday, 15 December 2019

Week 9

What an amazing week 9 we have had! This is our last full week of the year and it has been filled with trips and fun activities.

On Monday, Room 4 Maths completed their business studies project by creating their products, selling them and identifying their profit. We wanted to donate this money and so we decided to give it to the school office, so that it could pay for some students to attend our school trips.

On Tuesday it was year 8 graduation, which was followed by a trip to the Panmure Lagoon on Wednesday. Below is a picture of Leonidas getting ready to go down the hydroslide!

On Thursday we headed to Pt England beach to do a clean up and we played on the playground before we went back to school. We needed to clean up so that it would be safe and ready for our school picnic on Friday.
We also were lucky enough to watch Room 9's plays in the hall and some of our students had the opportunity to perform a play in response.

Then we topped it all off with our school picnic. It was a beautiful full day at the beach on Friday - check out Hilary singing karaoke!

We can't believe it is almost the end of the year! We have had a fantastic 2019. We hope you have too!

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Room 4 2019

As the year draws to a close, it is always good to reflect back on the times that we have had together as a class. For our final Pt England News video this year, Mrs Stone made a video to celebrate the good times that we have had. We hope you enjoy watching our highlights!


Who Dunnit? by Caleb and Hinerangi

In room 4, we have been investigating crime! Somebody was trying to steal something, and while they were leaving, they cut themselves while jumping through a window. We found some of their bloody clothing, and we started our work on the crime. Using CCTV footage, we narrowed it down to four people.  We still haven't found out what they stole, if anything, as there were so many priceless artefacts in the building. Then we started our detective work!

First off, we put some water on the bloody cloth. Then, we put that on the slide, and then put the slide under a microscope. On the first magnification (4x), we could see a pattern of red and a hairy substance. Then, when we tried the second (10x), we saw what we saw on the second scope, but bigger. On the third one (100x) we could see tiny blood cells. This confirmed that it was blood on the cloth.
Scientists at work

We then discovered that the blood was type A+. We also tested the victim, but found that their blood was O, so the blood definitely belonged to the criminal.

Putting anti RH into the blood to see if it will react

Next we took blood from our four suspects. We were looking to see which one of them was A+. To test the blood we put it in three punnets. In each punnet, we put three drops of anti-RH, anti-A and anti-B in three drops of the blood. If the blood reacted (agglutinated or got cloudy) we knew what it contained. For example, type A blood would react with anti-A.

Here are our results:

Suspect 1: AB + 
Suspect 2: B
Suspect 3: A+
Suspect 4: 0 -

Therefore, Suspect 3 is the robber!