Thursday, 22 August 2019

🐙 Octopus Facts by Makayla & Amelia


This week Room 4 have been learning about Octopus! To start off, we all sat down on the mat and shared what we already knew or learned about the octopus. We then watched a video that showed us some key information about octopus, like how they camouflage. We definitely picked up a lot of facts and even though we knew some already the video allowed us to look into it in more depth.Amelia and Makayla then partnered up to make this presentation. They used all the facts that they learnt from the videos and from the web (see the links in their presentation).

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Aqua Dragon Update

This morning we were excited to find several of our aqua dragons had fully hatched from their eggs. These hatchlings are extremely tiny as their eggs are as small as the head of a pin! Once your eyes have focussed on the tank it is possible to see them swimming around and coming up to the surface at times. They enjoy light so we have put them in front of the window in the middle of the day and we oxygenate the tank by squeezing air into it through a pipette.

As they are so tiny we only need to feed them once every few days, but we will keep checking in on them and providing them with light and oxygen

Friday, 16 August 2019

Class Pet

As we are studying living organisms for our inquiry, we decided to get some class pets: Aqua Dragons. This morning we learnt that their eggs were able to lie dormant (a bit like hibernating) in a state called diapose, until they come into contact with water. This means that are able to survive through hard times outside of their habitat!

This morning we hatched the eggs for the first time, so there is not much to see at the moment, but very soon we will have a full tank of Aqua Dragons! We are going to observe them at each stage of their life cycle.