Monday, 20 August 2018

Te Whare Tapa Wha

This term, we have been learning about looking after our health, particularly through exercise. We looked at Te Whare Tapa Wha and considered ways that we could look after our physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Check out the video we made for the Pt England News Network about our learning so far!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Procedural Writing

We have been learning about procedural writing and the importance of writing clearly this week.
We started by reading three different sets of instructions for popular card games. The first set had really unclear instructions and we became a little frustrated trying to work out what the author meant.

The second set contained a little more detail and it was slightly easier to read, but we found the structure a little confusing. We much preferred the third set, which had a clear layout and easy to read instructions.

We then wrote our own instructions for a really simple task - making a sandwich! We realised how easy it is to be vague in our writing, but that our instructions need to be clear for people to know what they are doing! When researching sandwich fillings we also learned more about making a healthy sandwich. Did you know a serving of a spread like butter or mayo tends to be about 2 teaspoons?
Check out Hilary's instructions below:

1.Put two slices of bread on a plate. Get your butter knife and spread butter on one slice of bread then spread butter on the other slice.

2. Put two pieces of lettuce on to a slice of bread than add the ham. You should have 30g or 2 slices of ham

3. Then get your tomato and slice it. You should then put two slices of tomato on your slice of bread.

4. Start to slice the cheese. After that’s done put 2 slices of cheese on your sandwich.

5. Now its time to use mayo. Grab a teaspoon and scoop some mayo in to it and put it on top
of the bread.

6. Last but not least put your other slice of bread on top and you are finished


This week Room 4 Maths have been conducting a whole class statistical investigation. We wanted to find out whether a persons fitness affects how fast their heart rate returns to normal after exercise.

First we planned our investigation and considered the data that we would need and our methods of data collection and analysis. We decided to measure our heart rate before, during and every two minutes immediately following exercise. We used the beep test as a form of exercise that was guaranteed to get our heart rates up and it gave us an idea of who the fittest students in our class were.
Image result for beep test

We recorded our initial results in a table and straight away we identified some outliers in our data and mistakes in our data collection. For example, one of our fittest students was unwell, so her resting heart rate was extremely fast! Some of the students repeated the data collection process to ensure that they had gathered accurate results.

The students then used line graphs to illustrate the changes in their heart rate over time. Check out Atareita's line graph where she compares two sets of data:

From this graph she concluded that her heart rate decreased at a greater rate than the other students. This is why the gradient or slope of the grey line is steeper than the gradient of the yellow line. She also noticed that she and the other student had similar resting heart rates, but her heart rate was higher during exercise.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Warriors visit Pt England!

Wow what a great way to spend our Monday afternoon!   The team sent to teach us all about healthy living were awesome!

We had a team of 4 Vodafone Warriors lead us through a very informative session.  The headings of the 3 areas they covered were: Nutrition, Sleep and Hydration.  Three very important parts of our daily life.  If we do a good job looking after what and when we eat, drink and sleep we will be in top shape for our learning and more!

The style of teaching used quick fun quizzes after every short talk on these areas.  Chanting our team names was the way we identified which group would answer first.  'Warriors' and 'Nate is the best' were the two chants.

No doubt Team 5 will swing into gear to tell you more detail about our great afternoon with the Vodafone Warriors here at Pt England School.

Special thanks to Tohu Harris, Nathaniel Roache and...can you name the rest of the team.  Leave their names in the comments section to win a prize!

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Inspire Me

Covenant Events - Brings 'INSPIRE TOUR' to Point England!

It was an awesome time for all our year 7 and 8 students.  Learning valuable lessons for life right now and into the future!

Here are some gems from the show:
How can we achieve the goals we set ourselves?  Have you set yourself a goal?  Do it!
ASK - don't be afraid to ask for help.  It's the best thing to do when you're stuck.   People WANT to help you!   BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - having the confidence to give things a go is another key to achieving our goals!

Through play, song and dance Maio and Levi entertained and taught us.  Likely a message we've heard from our own families, teachers and friends.  However it's always good to hear again.  Maybe for some of us we haven't had it said enough.

Our boys had the privilege of spending some up front - close and personal time with these two talented young men.  They got to have some real talk about being Pasifika, Maori and Kiwi boys who CAN achieve what they want to.

Thank you  Covenant Events - Levi and Maio for this wonderful experience.   No doubt other Manaiakalani schools will be keen to have you visit them too!

Malo lava le faasoa ma taumafai auā fanau a le Pasifika ma Aotearoa.

Saturday, 4 August 2018


This week we have been learning about statistics in maths. Check out Leilani's learning below!