Tuesday, 30 July 2019

How to be a Good Friend

In celebration of International Friendship Day, we wanted to create a video to show others some tips on being a good friend. We got these tips from Jana at Attitude, who gave us a talk about friendships last term. We hope this will encourage others particular younger students to form positive friendships!


Friday, 26 July 2019

Charles Darwin

In literacy, we have been looking at some famous scientists. Makayla investigated Charles Darwin, who wrote a book about natural selection. He discovered that animals evolve over time to suit their surroundings. Check out more about Darwin in Makayla's presentation below:


Monday, 22 July 2019

Welcome to Term 3!

Check out Hinerangi's description of our immersion assembly:

Term 3 is here, I am really excited to be announcing what our school is going to be learning this term.
“Something in the water” this terms topic is really interesting as I am definitely looking forward to what
we will be learning. So far it’s been exciting to be back as we all received a huge warm welcome back
from these recent school holidays. I am super determined to be discovering more and unknown things
that live under water, continue reading for more information.

“Let’s welcome up, Team 1”. “Mr Burt said”. From what I’ve already heard, seen and been connected
with is that team 1 is learning a variety of sea animals along with sea creatures that live under the sea.
Watching their short video really hooked me in and was incredibly interesting. As most of you should
know last term team 1 was learning more about bee’s with a group called S.O.F.A. the meaning behind
this incredible group is Status Of Forces Agreement. There topic sounds really fun, interesting and is
definitely able to hook people in for more awesome information. I am really looking forward to what team
1 will be learning this term hoping to get a bit more information to know what there fully doing.

“It’s now time for team 2”, “Mr Burt said!”. Team 2 is learning a variety of different sized animals and
creatures which swim under water and of course on land. Team 2 is finding out some real cool and
describable information for everyone to know, I really enjoyed watching their mini film as I felt like I
wanted to watch incredibly more and to see what they are going to do with what they’re learning this
term. I am looking super forward to what they’re learning just hoping to see what type of information
they find out and how interested they’re going to be. 

“It’s time for team 3”! Team 3 this term is learning different sorts of oceans that is located all around the
world. To me their topic may include something to do with last term as we were to find out the longitude
and latitude of where everything lays. To be able to find out where your going around the world you are
to find out the longitude and latitude of your location. I can’t wait to see what team 3 get up to this term. 

“Team 4”! The movie that was recently presented to us by team 4 was incredible. I loved watching how
they introduced their film and described how and what they’re doing. I think team 4 will be learning the
different sorts that live on land and underwater with all the different locations of the world. I am really
excited to be reading and seeing what they get up to this term as I know I’ll be wanting to read loads
more on what their team is trying to find out.

 Overall my favourite team would have to be team 5 as our presentation and performance was different
from the other 4 teams, it was totally fun, super interesting and incredibly funny. I really enjoyed my
teams performance as it really hooked everyone in and definitely had an awesome song to go with it.
The song went in order from Mrs Ilaoa, Mrs Stone, Ms Tapuke, Mrs Moala and Whaea Kelly. I really
enjoyed the song which described what are in cells, it went like. Cells, nucleus, chromosome, DNA
and Gene. Team 5  will be learning the different things that are hidden or seen under water, I am super
excited for this terms theme and I can't wait to get into this terms work. 

This term would probably have to be my favourite theme as it’s really interesting and I know for sure I
would know more about underwater fish. I am definitely and extremely looking forward to this terms
topic, can’t wait to see what everyone does.