Friday, 16 February 2018

Weetbix Triathlon

On Friday team five had our first work experience as we were in charge of putting signs up for the Weetbix Triathlon. We had to put up hundreds of signs up around Pt England reserve to ensure that the participants knew where to go and to adverse the sponsors of the triathlon.


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  2. Wow Room 4!! Great job on helping with the Weetbix Tryathlon! It was very helpful having the signs up!! Keep it up !

  3. Hi Room 4 Rangers,
    My name is Lini and I am a year 8 at St Pius X School,
    I really loved how you pointed out that you were all putting signs up for the Weetbix Tryathlon. I just think that you should put up a sign that says Weetbix Tryathlon.