Thursday, 8 March 2018

Should we ban the bag?

Today our literacy class attempted our first ever debate using the topic: Should plastic bags be banned?

After reading texts about the topic, we had to gather a range of facts that supported our view regarding the ban. Although almost all of us agreed that a ban would be a good idea in the beginning, some students decided to argue against a ban to support the debate.

The affirmative side (the students who agreed with the ban) brought up lots of environmental issues that are caused due to plastic bags. They also noted that people have been told countless times what to do with plastic bags, but they are still being littered and only used once, so it would be safer to ban them.

The opposition noted that it is cheaper to manufacture plastic bags than it is to create bags out of other materials. They also made the rebuttal that perhaps people should be fined for littering and forced to take accountability for their actions rather than placing a blanket ban on just one environmentally unfriendly item.

We still have a little work to do on using the structure of a debate, but it was a great first attempt with strong arguments being made from both sides.

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