Monday, 1 April 2019

April Fools!

Today was the first of April, or April Fools Day! Mrs Stone took the opportunity to play some pranks on her literacy class and they came up with their own as a prompt for writing!
First Mrs Stone gave the prank task to her literacy class. She had two word searches - one was real and one was a prank. Most of the class completed the real word search so the students with the prank one would feel especially confused!

At the end Mrs Stone asked the students to put their hands up to indicate how many words they had been able to find, again there were puzzled looks before Mrs Stone announced her mischievous trick. There was an uproar! The class thought it was very funny and a few hatched some plans to pull pranks on Mrs Stone in return (which she welcomed as a writing prompt).
King pranked Mr J by casting this image as Mr J turned the TV on

Now literacy time was over. It was morning tea. Mrs Stone had an idea to prank her maths class as well. She decided to look up questions that had the answer 4 and made a mini test. She had 15 questions down and ready for the 2019 April Fools Day Maths Test. 

As her class waits quietly at the door ready for the invite to enter, Mrs Stone got all the papers ready. She was ready to prank Room 4 Maths. Once Mrs Stone announced that we were doing a test, everybody was 'thrilled'. 
Nasibah and Maria pranked Mrs Stone with a fake paint spill

Firstly she explained to us how may feet were in a yard because she knew that none of us knew the answer. Next she set us in place to do the test and handed out the test sheets at the same time. Mrs Stone also told Chastyti to hand out the pencils. She gave us 10 minutes to complete the test. Mrs Stone had planned this prank really well.

10 minutes later...

The test had ended and everyone was desperate to know the answers. Mrs Stone ran through the answer with the help of Marika and Maanas. The answer to each question was the same: 4! At the ended you should have guessed what Mrs Stone said... April Fools! She also said it bang on 12 o'clock. It was too late for the class to respond - they applauded and laughed - she got us!

By Chastyti

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  1. HI Room 4,

    I love this post about pranks. I wish I had been able to prank my class. I think it is fantastic that your teacher timed it so that you couldn't respond. That is brilliant! Can you all help me to think of some great ideas (pranks) to do with my class next year? I look forward to hearing your ideas

    Mrs Taylor
    Rimu Class Teacher
    Yaldhurst Model School