Tuesday, 30 July 2019

How to be a Good Friend

In celebration of International Friendship Day, we wanted to create a video to show others some tips on being a good friend. We got these tips from Jana at Attitude, who gave us a talk about friendships last term. We hope this will encourage others particular younger students to form positive friendships!



  1. Hello, PES room 4 my name Is Jacob from Yaldhurst Model School I really enjoyed this blog post. About your'e how to be a good friend the video looks cool. How did you make this video did you use Imovie or just the normal camera. This is cool I hope you had fun making this how to be a good friend. Well bye

    From Jacob

  2. Hello my name is Shay and im year 7 at yms and I think your blog post idea of the post it self is very creative but maybe next time you can be a bit louder because I could not really hear you all but I think it was a great idea that im gonna do it for my home learning blog next week so thank you.

  3. Hi, PES I am Zack From Yaldhust.

    I really like this blog post because you added Helpful reasons of how to make a good friend. I also like how you put the extra time in to make a video instead of just writing a big Loooooooong bit of work. This brought me back to when I started at this school and I saw a video of how to make new friends.

    Next time, you could improve on doing some more writing not lots of writing but a little bit more so we get an even better picture of what you are doing your blog post about. My last improve point would be make the Title more eye catching like add a Question or some ... so people really want to read on.

    What made you do this blog?
    Did you students enjoy it?

    Bye Zack from Yaldy!

  4. Kia ora Room 4, I'm Thom from yaldhurst school.
    This is a great post because it is telling people to give more respect to their friends, because some people don't realise how important friends are and treat them like they aren't important.

    I love the video showing all the different things need to do to be a good friend, because some people would look at this and say "Man I really need to be nicer to my friends" Also using these tips would minimize the amount of bullies around NZ and the world by a whole lot. This reminded me of the time when someone from Attitude came to our school, he was really funny and nice and told us some funny stories from when he was a kid.

    What made you decided to post about this? Did this improve anyone's kindness towards their friends? Because if it did that would be really cool.

    I think next time you could more into the writing itself, but I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot because there is an awesome video anyway.

    Great Job, keep it up.
    Also I hope this encourages other people to be nicer to their friends.
    Goodbye, From Thom.

  5. Hey Room 4, my name is Parwin and I am a year 8 from Yaldhurst Model School. I really liked the video that you guys made because the text was easy to read and we could really see it.

    This reminded me of when I was a year 6 and we did something similar to this of what we should do to people who are new and what not to do. I really enjoyed it but we didn't do a video because we did like a comic.

    I think that maybe next time you could add WHY you did it and I know that it was international Friendship day but could you explain why you did it but if you fix that, it would make you blog even better!
    Awesome work!

    Did you do it because you wanted to or did you have to?

    Looking forward to your next posts,