Monday, 14 October 2019

Room 4 Champions

At the end of last term many students in room 4 represented different sports teams in competitions around the country.

First, Jacob, Jayden and Caleb travelled to Taupo to represent Marist Rugby Club at the New Zealand Junior Rugby Festival. This was a great opportunity to compete against other rugby teams from around New Zealand.

Then Paikea travelled to Tauranga to represent our school at the AIMS tournament for swimming. She competed in the 100m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly. We were really proud of her, especially as she was the only person in our school to qualify!

In the holidays Makayla travelled to the sunshine coast to compete in a waka ama tournament. She participated in the under 12, 12 man 250m straights,  under 12s 6 man 500m turns, under 12s 6 man 250 straights,  under 14 6 man 4km and under 12s singles 250m straight. She placed several times, and she won the under 14 6 man 5km race!

We are really proud of all of our athletes and will keep track of their progress as they have more competitions coming up!


  1. Hello, PES Room 4 my name is Jacob from Yaldhurst Model School I am a year 8. I really enjoyed your blog post About Room 4 Champions. It look's really cool to look at the picture's what you have put. I hop you had a fun day doing your Champion's I like the picture where you sit on the boat's it would. Be cool to go on that boat bye.

    From Jacob.

  2. Hello PES or Danni! My name is Parwin and I am year 8 from Yaldhurst Model School!

    It's awesome to hear that a lot of people have qualified to some of competitions. I wish we had something like that but we do have something like that and it is called Zones where if we get in, we compete with others from other schools and if we do that we go to central's and then to canterbury and I don't know the rest. Congratulations to those who got in and won!

    This reminds me of when I went to Zones and I think the last one was for athletics and I remember that when ever we had a competition, I would get super nervous and have butterflies in my stomach.

    I think that to improve, you could maybe present on like a website or something to make it more eye catching but other than that you did an awesome job!

    Awesome work!

    Looking forward to your next posts,

  3. Kia ora Point England, I´m Thom from yaldhurst school.
    It is great that all these people in your class have made such great sporting achievements as it is definitely not easy to achieve such great things.

    We have actually got athletics coming up and I really want to go to a thing called Zones, Mostly for sprints or long jump because those are my best two.

    I really like sports and I think that everyone should do it because it is awesome for your health and helps you stay fit also you can make lots of friends from it, My friend actually did a speech based on ´why people should do sports´ and he got 2nd for the year 6s.

    Great job anyway.
    From Thom.

  4. Hi There!
    I'm Teegan, a year 7 student from YMS!
    Was there anything else that they did?
    Did they have fun because it sure looked like it!
    Why did they do this, and when?
    Mabye next time you could put more pictures into it.
    Cool post though!
    Kind Regards,

    - Teegan .J.D

  5. Hello Room 4,
    It is Bridget here from Yaldhurst Model School/Rimu Class. This blog post stood out to me because you gave a discription and you also added a picture. Good job. Well done to all of u who had competed. Now I will give you a few improvemets. To start off with you could probaly try exsplaing a bit more. As well as re-reading it before you post. Maybe you could exsplain what man means after the numbers.

    You could also try to Add a more catchy title.
    But other than that
    Ka Pai

  6. Kia Ora PES Room 4, My name is Katelynn and I am a Year 8 student in Totara 1 at Grey Main School!

    I really liked the way you included pictures and told us what sports they are doing. Well done! This reminded me of last year when I got in for heaps of things for athletics.

    What is your favourite sport?

    Keep up all of the great work PES Room 4!

    Totara 1