Sunday, 24 November 2019

Fair Trade by Marika

WALT: Analyse and interpret statistical data

This week we played a trade game. First we got into groups of four to six people . We each got 10 pieces of paper saying that they were either gold, coffee, lumber, electronics or oil. We each had different amounts of these resources. Mrs Stone wrote how valuable these items were on the board. The groups that had lots of oil were wealthy, but one group had lots of coffee which meant that they were less wealthy, because it was worth the least. In my group, we had trouble trading with people and in the end we decided not to trade at all. And we won! We won because we had lot of oil, lumber and gold, which we valuable items. We also had enough electronics and coffee for our country.

The group that were the poorest had the most had the least valuable items, but they were able to make some trades and in the ended the didn't lose. The group that lost made bad trade decisions, despite having good resources. They decided to trade all of their oil and electronics for coffee, which was a poor decision.

Overall I enjoyed the game because it used lots of thinking, literacy and statistics. Here is the work I did after we played!


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