Wednesday, 29 April 2020


This week we have been learning about sentence structure. We had to write a sentence based on an image. Check out what our literacy class wrote about this image:

(Chance) The cage rattled as the scuba divers gazed at the ginormous shark in wonder. The creature then swam swiftly towards the metal bars, circling around the species he had never seen before.

(Kauri) The Scuba divers were eager to have a look at the beautiful shark. They were desperate to share it with the world.

(Pauline) The divers are exploring sea life in the metal cage. Many pods were found swimming in unison. Sharks surrounded the metal cage.

(Caleb) The sea roared as the shark rattled past the cage which was full with people. After seeing the beast, they all wished they were anywhere else in the world.

 (Aaliyah)The cage rattled as the lights flashed at the shark.    

( Sonnia ) The ocean thundered as the shark shook the cage.

(Laolao) The scuba divers shook in fear as the shark swam past.              

( Tsai )  The shark was swimming around the cage ready to eat the people.

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