Friday, 21 August 2020

Themed Friday: Toys!

 This week we have all been working really hard with our online learning. Mrs Stone was really proud of us for making the most of a tricky time, especially as 90% of us managed to do some school work or attend a meeting at least once this week.

Just a few of the toys who attended our meeting

As most of us had already finished our learning tasks for the week, we decided to have a themed Friday. After some discussion, we agreed that a soft toy theme would be a great one to start with. This meant that everyone brought a soft toy (or several) with them to our meeting. After we discussed our last create activity for the week, we also had a themed Kahoot (Toy Story) to celebrate.

It is so important to keep our spirits up over the lockdown! What could you do to improve your mood today? 


  1. Hola Room 4! My name is Lucy and I go to Wesley intermediate school. I really like your Toy themed meet and i wish i was there. What will be your next meet theme?
    Kind regards, Lucy.

  2. Well Room 4!!! it's really good and people are really enjoyed the toys.

    from Lepisi

  3. Kia ora!
    This looks like a whole lot of fun and i'm glad that even in this time you're all trying to find ways to stay positive Kai pai!