Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Writing a Quality Blog Comment

Can you believe its almost time for the Film Festival!? This year marks the 13th Manaiakalani Film Festival, where our 12 schools head out to Sylvia Park to watch our movies at the Hoyts Cinema.

To help everyone to prepare, we decided to film a movie about quality blog commenting.  Let's all remember to leave quality blog comments after we watch the amazing movies! To learn how, check out the video below:

Why not practice using these steps by leaving us a positive comment?


  1. Kia ora room 4,

    Wow, what an awesome video! I am so impressed by how natural everyone is on camera. Did you all have to practice lots before filming this?

    Film making is something I loved to do at school with my friends. Now some of them work on big productions! I think some of you will do the same one day. I am very excited to come and watch your movie at the Hoyts Cinema.

    See you then!


  2. Hi Miss Stone,

    Thank you for your comment! We did have to practice a few times before we filmed our movie. We hope you like watching our film festival movie!

    From Tsai in Room 4