Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Room 4 Role Models

 This term we have set up our class treaty and have taken the opportunity to get to know each other better. However, Mrs Stone recently shared that there was a member of the class that we hadn't met yet, because she is hapū. 

As an end of term celebration, we decided to have a cake to reveal the gender of Mrs Stone's baby. We first did a survey and we were quite split about what it would be, so anticipation was high to find out who was right! 

Another reason for the celebration is that Room 4 are the baby's first role models - the baby can already hear them and learn from in the womb! Mrs Stone is very grateful to have such a beautiful class who are already teaching the Pt England way to the next generation.


  1. Hello Mrs Stone,

    The whole class was absolutely speechless when we found out about you going to have a baby and we all had no clue so that made the surprise even more shocking but we're all definitely very excited for you to say the least!

    The gender reveal cake looked very pretty and congratulations on getting a baby girl! She'll have such pretty eyes for sure.

    Aye :)

  2. Ha! What a fun time at school, congratulations on the baby! The cake was amazing as well. Also, Mrs Stone, before you got the results, what did you think the gender was? The class environment is a great way to let the surroundings be normal for their future! Anyways, Happy Holidays room 4! ;)

    - Austin

  3. Hi there Taylor from Ahipara school here,I thought this was extremely kind and cool that your class was very exited for your great news!! KA PAI!

  4. Hi room 4 its Lacey from Ahipara school. That looks so fun and exiting for the gender revel. Keep up the good work!!!