Friday, 11 May 2018

Tread Lightly

Today Dominique from Tread Lightly visited our school to teach us about recycling. We have introduced new recycling bins in our school to help us be more tidy kiwis. This production reminded us why it is important to recycle and how litter affects our environment.

The production involved Hone, Bobby and David who acted as characters. David was a turtle who was affected when he ate a plastic bag (Hone) which he mistook for a octopus. This reminded us that our litter often ends up in the sea where it can potentially kill sea animals.


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  3. hi my name is maraia and I love this so much .
    Great work and the pic are so nice.
    from saint pius x catholic school,glen innes

  4. Hi Room 4,
    This looks like you guys enjoyed your time with Dominique,It good that you guys learnt about the enviroment and care for it.keep it up.

  5. Hi Room 4,
    It Sounds like You Guys Had Fun.
    Keep Up the Good Work!!!