Tuesday, 2 October 2018


This morning Room 4 Literacy participated in a formal debate about Fortnite. We gathered some information about the game and wrote a clear paragraph that described one reason why we thought it should or should not be banned for children under 13.


We then staged a formal debate between members of the Dahl and Ihimaera reading groups, while the rest of the class judged the strength and clarity of each speakers arguments.

We found that the Dahl girls had written clear arguments that were backed up with a lot of facts - this made them harder to rebut and encouraged our audience to agree with what they were saying.

While the boys arguments contained less factual information, they spoke with great confidence and they constructed very strong rebuttals arguing the points the girls were making. This displayed the difference between oral and written language to us all - while the girls arguments were perhaps stronger on paper, the boys delivery and clever rebuttals made it a close debate!


  1. Hi There PES Room 4. I think it is a great idea to debate about 'Fortnight' Preferably, I think Fortnight is not good for people. Especially, when playing it. It's not good for their eyes, and it's not good for their health. I think Fortnight, should be banned because of what I just said. Thanks for sharing this amazing debate! Great Job, PES Room 4. From Caitlyn, Totara 3 at Grey Main School.

  2. Kia ora Room 4,
    It certainly sounds like an interesting debate with some clear arguments. I have never played Fortnite but do hear about it LOTS! Out of your literacy groups, how many people play Fortnite? What was one of your arguments against/for? Do you think I should give it a try?
    Ngā mihi

  3. Hi Room 4,
    My name is Helena and I am from St Pius X School and I am a year 7 , I heard that fortnite is a good game to play. I have never in my life played fortnite but maybe one day I should try and play.
    Good Job


  4. Hi Rm 4
    I disagree with use but we all have different feeling about things but yous had some pretty good opinions sob keep the good work up