Monday, 15 October 2018

Expressing meaning through art

This morning at PES we attended our termly immersion assembly. In these assemblies, the teachers present something that will inspire the learners about the theme of the term. This terms them is te wa toi - art time!

The team 5 created a skit in which the 'students' of an art class created images that expressed different meanings. For example, the use of the colour blue represented sadness, while a square represented a confined space.

In response to this, Room 4 Literacy decided to create a piece of art that represented their holidays. This could be literal (e.g. I drew the beach I visited) or figurative (e.g. I drew the sun because my holiday was filled with joy).

Can you guess what the meaning of these images above could be? Bonus if you can write a story that accompanies the picture below - believe it or not, it's creator came up with a wonderful justification about the meaning of the piece.

1 comment:

  1. Hi room 4
    I like how you done those amazing drawing
    but I think that yous can do a better job by adding a bit
    more details using colours, but keep the great work up!