Monday, 18 March 2019

Colour Poems

This week Room 4 literacy have been focusing and learning about poems and how to write them. We are learning to use effective vocabulary. Here is Hilary's colour poem. She had to think of some items of different colours and use interesting vocabulary to make it more effective. She then cut out each line and arranged them to ensure they sounded great and had good rhythm.

Colours , A beautiful glowing cheerful rainbow.

Blue, a glistering gleaming sapphire as bright as heaven.
blue , the bright luminous sky.
Pink , a girls gleaming shiny glossy lip gloss.
Red , Ruby's as red and roses and roses as scarlet as blood.
Orange , a fiery blazing glow to fire.


  1. Hello its Adam here form Grey Main School, I really liked your post. Wee did something likes this last week, where we had to pick a colour that we like gather some words and then write and put the words into a poem. I like how you used lots of different bright eyecatching colours

  2. Hi Room 4. My name is Will and I am a Year 8 at Grey Main School. I like your colour poem. I like how you have put in lots of interesting colours. We have done a colour poem to. We did personal ones. I chose Green.

  3. Hello Room four My name is Callum and Im from Grey Main School. I really like your descriptive colour poems. What sort of poem are you doing next? My favourite poems are colour.

  4. Hi Im zaheer Im a year 8 from Grey main school.This reminds me of something my class did last week.I like your poem.My colour was yellow. Maybe you could visit my blog and check It out!!