Saturday, 2 March 2019

Ko wai au?

This term we have been looking at our identities and answering the question Ko Wai Au? The students used Hyperstudio to create visual mihi. These represented aspects of their identities, like their culture, interests, families and faith. Can you guess who these visual mihi belong to?


  1. Hi Room 4

    My name is Coralee and go to Tamaki Primary School. I just want say that each one of yous are unique, and I love how each one of yous show'd you're readings what you've been doing and some examples of your guys work. Keep up the good work Point England,bye.

  2. Kia ora, Room 4

    I enjoyed how you were showing a bit about yourself like what my culture. I love how you drawed it by your self keep it up room 4.

  3. Hi Room 4

    I love seeing your work and how you drew your faces and the four things about yourself keep posting more

  4. Hello Room 4, I am Nikita I am at Yaldhurst Model School. And I enjoy looking at your Mihi's and it really amazes me how you made your faces. It is really cool how you share information about yourselves and something that maybe matters lots to you. What did you make it with?

    Nikita -

  5. Kia Ora Room 4, It's Ruby here from T1 at Grey Main school.
    I really liked how you had something different from each other that was special to you. I also really enjoyed the cool portraits of your faces. Next time you could add photos of you playing the sport or doing your activity. Did you draw the portraits yourself?
    Kai Pai

  6. Hello Room four. My name is Callum and Im from Grey Main School. I really like learning about you guys and girls. I also like how you split the drawing into fours it really makes the picture pop.

  7. Hello Room 4!

    My name is Katelynn and I am year 8 at Grey Main School in Totara 1!

    WOW! These visual mihi's look very bright and colourful. I like how you have added pictures of things that relate to you, it looks great. This reminds me of when I did my visual mihi in class earlier this year. I had a lot of fun creating my mihi, did you?

    Keep up the great work Room 4!

    He whetu koe! (Your a star!)
    Katelynn, Totara 1

  8. Kia Ora Room 4,

    It's Bailee here from T-1 at Grey Main School.
    I really liked the way you made your work nice and colourful,
    it really stands out!
    I also really enjoyed the way you all had something different to each other.
    Keep up the great work Room 4!