Thursday, 16 May 2019

Rotten Romans

This week room 4 have been learning about the different continents. We have started with a 'visit' to Rome 4, or ancient Rome. This gave us an example of how architecture, language and people moved around Europe. We learnt some interesting facts like:
  • The Romans conquered many countries around the Mediterranean sea.
  • The Romans kept dogs as pets
  • They used to wash their clothes in urine,
  • There are still Roman roads and architecture that we can see today!
We also learnt that Latin developed into the romance languages like French, Spanish and Italian! So we can still see some of the influences of the Romans 2000 years later - we thought this was pretty cool.
As there have been hundreds of wars in Europe, we looked at how different empires had conquered different places throughout history. We looked at how the Roman army were able to invade so many countries - they had a rigorous training scheme and some great formations. Check out our Testudo!


  1. Hello, Room 4 I am Jacob from Yaldhurst Model School I am a year 8. I really like your blog post about different continents I really like the video you have done about the war, Next time you should add more information about what happen. But keep up the good work room 4.

    From Jacob.

  2. Ave Room four! ( 'Ave' means Hello in latin :P ) My name is Will and I am a student at Greymain school.

    I love this blog post! The video was hilarious! I like the fact that you guys used the turtle formation. Thats disgusting how the Romans used to wash there clothes in urine 🤮.

    Keep up all the good work room four!

    From Will.