Friday, 31 May 2019

Samoan Language Week

"Lalaga le si'osi'omaga mo se lumana'i manuia
Weave an environment for a better future."

This is our theme for Samoan Language Week 2019. In Team 5 we've enjoyed learning words and phrases we can use everyday like saying "tulou". Always excuse yourself if your movements are going to obstruct the view of others.

Check out some highlights from todays assembly.

Fa'afetai ma ia manuia tele le toe vaiaso.


  1. Talofa, o lo Ľu igoa o Parwin and I am from Yaldhurst Model School. WOW! The video was really cool with the you guys in cultural clothes and performing. I think you did a great job and you guys looked very brave and confident on stage as well! This reminded me of my old school because there were some Samoan kids so they practised some performances and performed when we had our Assemblies. I really like the bright colours and the designs of the skirts and tops. The only thing I know in Samoan is 'Hello' which is 'Talofa' but what does 'Talofa Lava' mean because remember a lot of Samoan kids greeting us like that. I think that maybe next time you could add some more information like what you enjoyed the most or how you were feeling, but other than that you guys did a awesome job, blog post and performance! Awesome work!

    Looking forward to your next posts,

  2. Talofa room 4, my name is Honor and I am a year 7 at Grey Main School. I really liked your post on Samoan language week. It looked like a lot of fun and hard work. How long did you practice for? At our School we do Moari and sign language week.
    malo lava
    From Honor