Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Around the World!

This term we have been on a trip around the world! Along the way we have been learning new skills, such as salsa dancing and using chopsticks. We have also been tasting different food from different countries. Check out some of our highlights in this video:



  1. Hey PES, my name is Parwin and I am a year 8 from Yaldhurst Model School!
    Your video that you made was really creative and funny too! This reminded me of when we did green screening and we pretended to be someone else but that was when 3 years ago. Ever since I haven't done green screening. I am pretty sure that I was Kate Sheppard. I think that you did an awesome job but maybe you could edit some bits to make it even better but you did an awesome job! I think that when you guys did the salsa dance t despacito was the funniest part out of the video. Awesome work!

    Looking forward to your next posts,

  2. Hi PES. I'm Mikael from Yaldhurst school. I like how you have explained what you have been doing. And I like you you have acktied some of the stuff out. ANd how you all had the money to go to all of those countries. *wink,*wink. next time I think you should try to work on the editing because I could see the people moving. apart from that I think it is really cool.

  3. Kia Ora PES, my name is Layton from Yaldhurst Model School!
    I thought the video was really cool how they used the green screen to make the video, or should I say traveled around the world? Next time they should add some music to use for the video, I learnt a little bit about countries and towns especially HollyWood.

  4. Hello PES, my name is Bridget from Yaldhurst Model School/Rimu class. I like how your class has been doing diffrent stuff from around the world. Like eating with chopsticks and salsa dancing. When I was reading this blog, it made me think back to when I tryed eating with chopsticks.

    Ka Pai Good Job!

  5. hey PES I'm Shay and im year 7 at yaldhurst model school and I like how you all did a video together it just shows how close you all are as a class and your having fun as well as learning and it makes your blog post much more insting I think you all put a lot of work into this and think might of been worth it and its not only a video its very creative and very funny too but maybe next time you could add a little bit more of writing for the induction and just telling us more about it but other you all did an amazing job great job.

  6. Hello, PES I am Jacob from Yaldhurst Model School. I am a year 8 I really like this blog post you did a good job on this blog post. You should be proud of your'e self I really like the video you did. About the around the world it is very good. Well I hope you enjoy your video well bye.

    From Jacob

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