Tuesday, 18 June 2019


This week we got a visit from Rako Pasefika, a dance company from Rotuma. It was amazing to get the chance to learn more about this Pacific country, to hear a little of their language, music and dance.

We had two sessions which were lead by Samuela AKA Skillz. He was an awesome tutor and we learnt so much in such a short time (less than 2 hours!). We really enjoyed the experience and are proud of what we accomplished. Check it out below:


  1. Hey there PES, my name is Parwin and I am a year 8 from Yaldhurst Model School. I really liked your blog post because you wrote a lot of information in a short amount of text. I also liked how you added your feelings too. While I was reading this, this sort of reminded me of when we did the Poi a Kapa Haka which was super fun even though we had made some mistakes, we still learnt in the end and we were all happy and we only had an hour to learn it. I think that maybe next time, you could make sure that the things that you add, actually load or work because we I tried to watch the video, it didn't work but apart from that, awesome work! Was that even a video or is like a picture to trick us?

    Looking forward to your next posts,

  2. Hello, PES I am Jacob from Yaldhurst Model School I am a year 8. I really like this blog post about your Rotuma video. The video looks really cool I really but next time you should try and fix your video. Because when I click on the video it wont let me play it but you did a really good job. I hope you enjoy it well bye.