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Amelia: Summer Learning Journey


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Jonah Lomu was a rugby superstar. He was the youngest ever All Black, selected at just 19 years of age. He went on to have an amazing career that included 63 caps (international games) and 37 tries. Jonah was Tongan, but spent most of his childhood in Mangere, South Auckland. He started out playing touch rugby and rugby league but changed over to rugby union and quickly made a name for himself. He was very tall, strong and fast.

Richie McCaw is another example of a famous rugby player. He was the captain of the All Blacks between 2004 and 2015. Like Jonah Lomu, he had an outstanding international career in rugby union and had many achievements. In fact he was the most capped All Black captain, most capped test rugby player and World Rugby Player of the Year in 2006, 2009, and 2010. He has been given a Halberg Award and made a member of the Order of New Zealand. As well as being an outstanding player, Richie McCaw was also a strong leader and captain.

For many people, players like Jonah Lomu and Richie McCaw are superheroes with extra special ‘superpowers.’

For this activity, let’s imagine that you could be a superhero for a day. What three superpowers would you most like to have?

On your blog, please list the three superpowers, tell us why you have chosen each one, and tell us what you are going to do with them.

Time Travel - Of course time travel would be my first pick of a super power. I chose time travel because there are many mysterious, unsolved mysteries in this extraordinary world we are living in. Even though this would be really risky, I want to be able to go back and see what really occurred in certain mysteries because the obvious isn't always correct.

Enhanced Senses - I have always had that desire to look and feel beyond what the average human can sense. This is why I would like to have enhanced senses as a super power. Imagine being able to tell the difference between smallest things using your different senses, crazy right?! I've also seen in many movies where people poison beverages, I want to tell between things like this which would be really awesome.

Telekinesis - Telekinesis is the supposed ability to change matter, energy, space or time by using your mind. Have you seen Stranger Things ? One of the main characters Eleven uses telekinesis a whole lot in the movie. She was able to manipulate objects, people and creatures. Eleven was even able to fling a large van into the sky! I would use this power not as revenge but to grab food when I'm too lazy to.


Image Attribution: Steven Adams,
Keith Allison, CC BY-SA 2.0
LeBron James is one of the most famous professional basketball players in the world. He currently plays in the NBA (National Basketball Association) for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has won numerous awards over the years, helping his teams win many important games.

Steven Adams also plays in the NBA, but unlike LeBron, Steven comes from Rotorua, New Zealand and is the half-brother of Olympic gold medalist Valerie Adams. That’s a pretty cool family connection, isn’t it?! Steven Adams currently lives in the United States and plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.

Despite being born in different countries, these two incredible basketballers have a number of similarities. Both men came from humble beginnings. Neither of their families had a lot of money, and neither man grew up with a father at home. Even though they faced challenges, they were able to overcome them. Both men are examples of what is possible when you work hard and believe in yourself.

For this activity, we would like you to imagine that you had the chance to interview LeBron James, Steven Adams or another basketball player of your choice.

On your blog, tell us who you would interview and then provide a list of five questions that you would like to ask your chosen player.
I decided to choose Stephen Curry to interview. If you'd like to take a closer look at my questions just simply click the image. Thanks!
Image Attribution: Silver Ferns by Anthony
Au-Yeung/Getty Images. Image Source.
The Silver Ferns are New Zealand’s professional netball team. They are based in Auckland and play against teams from all over the world. Next year they are due to compete in the first ever Netball Nations cup competition in England.

In order to earn a place on the team, each of the players had to prove that they were one of the best netball players in the country. They have all had to work very hard, sacrifice many things, and show dedication and determination throughout their careers. In many cases, they have also had a lot of support from others - their family, friends, teachers, coaches. This support has allowed them to pursue their dreams and to, ultimately, do a job that they love.

For this activity, choose a friend or family member and ask them what their dream job would be. Please then brainstorm six ways in which you could support them in achieving their dream job.

On your blog, present your ideas as a poster or infographic.

This is my infograph I have created showing 5 ways I can help my sister in achieving her dream job. I used google draw for this and I took a really long time finding and thinking about the different ways I can help. This is my finished work! *click the image for a better view of the nurse infograph*
Task Description: Hello fellow blog viewers! Happy New Year :) I have been gone for a very long time, I sincerely apologize. But, I have been trying to get Day 3 out of the way and I have been dragging it but, here it is! The first activity was about three superpowers I would have. I really enjoyed this activity as I got to discover new 'powers' and why I would love to have them! The second activity was about interviewing Stephen curry. I wasn't familiar with him so I decided to do some research on the legend before making the DLO. The final activity was me sharing 5 ways I can help my sister strive for her future dream job. We had to use a infograph to present our work. I found this one hard because I was trying so hard to find my last helpful way and it took so long but, I managed to pull through and add my final helpful way. Thanks for viewing to blog-post and feel free to leave some feedback :)

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