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Jacob: Summer Learning Journey W3

Week 3: Experiments and Gadgets Day 4: Hauora Activity 2: iMoko The last term of school my family and I decided that we needed to start taking better care of ourselves. Here are some of the things we are trying to do. Try and not have any bread. This is hard because we used to have bread with every meal, even if we didn’t need it and then we would feel over-full Eat more vegetables at lunch and dinner times Go to boot camp/gym. We go to a boot-camp training session thing run by a guy from our church. If we don’t have a chance to go, we will go to the gym at our local rugby club. Spend more time together as a family, whether it’s having a movie night, playing board/card games, going to church. Be kinder to each other and others. Hauora is not just our bodies it is also our minds and spirits too.

Week 3: Experiments and Gadgets
Day 5: Creativity
Activity 1: Ministry of Inspiration
I used to really like watching that tv show, Robot Wars.  The one where 2 people build robots, then the robots are put in a kind of ring and they have to try and destoy each other.  The winner is the person whose robot survives and doesn’t get munted.  
So yes, I would like to join un underwater robotics team.  So the purpose wouldn’t be to destroy but to do lots of different challenges.  I think it would be fun and I would learn a lot.

Week 3: Experiments and Gadgets
Day 5: Creativity 
Activity 2: Caine’s Arcade
One of my favourite games to play is a card game that I play with my family called Euchre (pronounced you-car).  First

SLJ Week 2

Week 2: “I Have a Dream…” - Politics and Activism
Day 1: Taking the Lead
Activity 1: Playing Favourites
Jacob’s Top 5 Things to Do (in no particular order)
Play Euchre with my family
Eat - RJLicorice  & Big Mac's
Spend time with my family
Play rugby
Play Games - Monoply & Game of life

Image result for all Monopoly
Image result for rugby world cup

Week 2: “I Have a Dream…” - Politics and Activism
Day 1: Taking the Lead
Activity 3: Dear Jacinda

Dear Jacinda
I am writing to you about this new rule from NZRU about not having representative rugby teams before U16.
I want to share my experience first.  I have been playing rippa rugby and rugby for the past 7 seasons at my local rugby club, Auckland Marist.  I have also been a playing for my school Pt England since year 5, and had a chance to represent Auckland at the Rippa Rugby championship in Wellington.  That was an awesome experience, even though we didn’t win.  I have practiced, trained, made new friends and had heaps of fun.  I knew when I got to Year 7 I would be allowed to trial for the Walter Dickson and Bill McLaren rep rugby teams here in Auckland.  It is unusual for a Year 7 boy to make it, but I wanted to try anyway.  At the trials I saw heaps of my friends from lots of different clubs and schools.  I didn’t make the Walter Dickson team, but it didn’t matter I was still determined to make the Bill McLaren team.  I made it! A few of my friends trialled and made it, and some didn’t.  But it is all good, because we knew that we could all train harder, trial together and then play rep rugby together.
Having the chance to play rep rugby gives me a goal to work towards.  I am competitive and like to know if I am as good as some of the others kids in Auckland.  I would like to one day represent NZ as an All Black, if I haven’t learned to accept losing early on in life, how will I cope when I am older.
I do think that people who are selected to play in these teams, should be picked because they are good team players, not because their parents are rich or they are related to someone.  I believe everyone should get a fair trial too.

Thanks for reading this.
From J

Week 2: “I Have a Dream…” - Politics and Activism
Day 2: Taking Action
Activity 1: A Long Walk to Freedom

Dear Diary
It felt good to be outside of my tiny damp concrete cell, but that sun was too hot.  My hands were bleeding today and my feet are starting to poke out the bottom of my shoes. I don’t think the guards care, they just make fun of us and treat us badly.  I don’t like when they are mean to us, I want to say something but I am worried they will beat us up too.  I don’t know how long I will be here.  I haven’t seen my family for ages, I miss them.  I hope they are ok, things haven’t changed out there, apartheid is still happening.  I wish I could stop it. Maybe someday.

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