Thursday, 6 February 2020

Room 11 (4) Maths!

Today was the first time that we met our maths classes. Things were a little bit different for room 4 maths as they actually have maths in a different, but bigger classroom: room 11.

We spent the time working on our class norms. We completed a few activities to improve our team building. At first we struggled a little, but by the end of the lesson we were communicating really well.

We first practiced our listening by completing a building challenge. Mrs Stone constructed a building out of lego and in our groups we had to recreate it. However, only one person from each group could look at Mrs Stone's building at a time and they were not allowed to touch the pieces! Instead they had to tell their teammates what to do.

We also put together some quite tricky 100 piece puzzles which involved a lot of perseverance and collaboration!

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