Tuesday, 25 February 2020


Every afternoon in team five we spend time doing SSR or sustained silent reading. We have our own bookmarks and are each working towards completing a chapter book. We also read fiction texts when we need a break from our chapter book.

We made this video for our school news network to share our love of reading with our school.


  1. Hi Room 4 i really love this blog post that you've have done here and i really like Keep it up.

  2. Hi room 4. At my old school we used to do SSR. It was very cool to have a small amount of time to read to ourselves. how long does your SSR last for?

    1. Talofa lava bailey Jordan, my name is Yolanda and I am in room 4 at Point England school. Thank you for your comment, room 4's SSR lasts for 5 minutes and yes I enjoy the small amount of time reading books

      Thank You

      From Yolanda

    2. Greetings Bailey Jordan, My name is Luisa and I am in room four, Thanks for commenting on our class blog!, Rm's 4 SSR lasts for 5 minutes but if we have more time we would do about 10 minutes, I also enjoy the small amount of time reading.

      Thanks for commenting!

      From Luisa and Rm4