Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Compliments Project

Today we learnt about the compliments project. We discussed how giving and receiving compliments make us feel good; they contribute to our taha hinengaro and taha whanau.

It can sometimes feel awkward giving people compliments, sometimes we make jokes instead of telling people how we really feel. To get us used to complimenting others, we took part in the compliments project.

We had one student (Jacob) leave the room while we filled up the whiteboard with compliments for him. It was awesome seeing his reaction when he read what we had to say about him.


  1. Hi Room 4 - I love this compliments project! The reaction on Jacobs face is priceless! I will definitely be trying this out with my class. Give more compliments not jokes. Thank you Room 4

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  3. Hello,your guys class blogs seems good to look at e.g. all the words that can help you and some thinking skills that also helps you. keep up the good work blog you later.

  4. hi,you guys did a very good job in your class blog I really like it keep up the good work.