Thursday, 7 May 2020

Our Feelings towards Covid-19

Today in maths we decided to do a statistical inquiry via hangout. Of course this had a lot of limitations, but it was interesting to follow the steps of an inquiry to see what it would be like.

Shortly before the lockdown, we conducted a really quick statistical inquiry to kick off our unit in statistics. One of the inquiries was by Toby, who wanted to find out how everyone was feeling about Covid-19. This is what he found:
Forms response chart. Question title: How Frightened Are You Of Coronavirus?. Number of responses: 48 responses.

Today we wanted to find out if our feelings had changed after being in the lockdown. So our question was going to be "how are room 11 maths feeling about Covid-19 post lockdown". However, as our whole class did not participate, we had to change it to 'some of room 11 maths'.

This time we decided to make a scale between one and 10, and we discussed what each number in the scale would look like. As you can see, nobody in the class answered anything above a 5.

Check out the slides below for our full inquiry:


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