Tuesday, 17 August 2021

All about me poster- Personal poster. Cyber Smart poster!

Kia Ora! This week for cyber smart we created a poster about us. We focused on keeping it positive and relevant. Bellow is some examples of room 4 student posters. Make sure you share a positive comment! 



  1. Hi room 4 nice post about what you guys are like keep the good work up.

  2. Hi room 4 my name is Dakota from Ahipara school. Nice blog but maybe next time you guys should write a bit more about yourselves. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi room 4!
    my name is Teal
    I like how nice you decorated them.
    Keep up the GREAT work!

  4. Hi room 4!!
    My name is Xavier from Ahipara School |= ε =|
    I love your bio's and we stan Ariana 333

    see yah!!