Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Healthy me Healthy you!

For the past 3 weeks we have had the opportunity to visit Harold and his helper Sylvia. She taught us about healthy choices including the food we eat and the choices we make. We got to scan Romans brain and put the stars on the roof. Rongos favorite part about Harold was the class activates we got to do and learnt that energy drinks are as dangerous as drugs!! We are excited to see what Miss Hall teaches us in class about how to keep ourselves healthy. 



  1. Hi my name is Maty from Ahipara school how did you guys like harold we had harold to. It was cool we learnt heaps what did yous learn. Maty Ahipara school

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  3. Hi room 4 I really like how you guys are talking about your Harold experience. Our one was pretty good. I liked the bit that we got to see Harold he told us about Perseverance in everything that we did. nice work