Monday, 2 March 2020


On Friday we were lucky enough to go down to the Pt England reserve for the day. We went with the whole school and our whanau. We were there for the day but had plenty to do - from volleyball, touch, swimming and lots of sport to karaoke!

Check out some of our highlights!


  1. hi im jax from room 8 at kis in new zealand, we have alot of beaches in our country, but some have alot of rubbish

  2. Hi Room 4, My name is Bailey and I am from Kaitaia Intermediate School. That looks soo fun! Maybe you could add a question so you get more comments on this post.

    1. I am Aaliyah I go to this school. the picnic is really fun. and I think your right we should ave a question in there. have you guys had a picnic?

  3. Hi Room 4

    My name is Trinity, i really love this blog post you've done (Especially) i didn't even go to the Picnic but love it. KEEP IT UP ROOM 4 :)