Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Easter Learning Journey - Day 1

Today we have started the Easter Learning Journey (thanks to the summer learning journey team 2017). This learning journey is all about places around New Zealand.

Task one was to describe an important belonging that you would take on holiday - let's see what Tatia wrote:

I'd take the Bible with me because there are several things you could read about well going on holiday, and is very light to carry around. As well as being very easy to carry the bible has many things to study about and is an important thing to me.

Task two was to find three interesting facts about New Zealand wildlife. This is what Laolao came up with:

My 3 interesting facts about some of New Zealand's native birds.

The cheerful and frisky kea is one of the most intelligent birds in the world and would gladly attack a sheep by standing on its back and shredding their skin.

The beautiful tui is famous for it's out standing singing and white gorgeous parsons collar on their necks like a pom pom

The adorable weka is a flightless bird that has a affection for shiny and beautiful objects.

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