Tuesday, 24 March 2020

If Bradley won a million dollars....

For his writing task this week (in lockdown) Bradley had to answer the following question:

What I would do with a million dollars?

Firstly I’ll spend some money to buy a house for my family and I’ll buy my family a new car.

Secondly, I’ll consider using some money and give it to the charity to help the people who are risking their lives, and I’ll give some money to the homeless so they can buy some food, and get new things.

Thirdly, I’ll give some money to my parents so they can buy all the things they want.

Fourth, I’d invest my money, because if you invest your money, it’ll give you more, but you have to wait first, so I’d invest my money.

Fifthly, if I had leftover money, I’d spend some on my ‘Personal Needs’.

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