Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Week 3/8!

Today we all returned to school after the long weekend. It was great to have a rest and to visit family over this time, so we returned to school with lots of enthusiasm!

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. After reviewing last weeks learning, we started making our own nets for 3D shapes. This will come in real handy later in the week as we try to create our own packaging for a baking company!

In Kiwi sport we started Skateboarding! This was a blast and everyone was at least able to skate a few metres by the end of the lesson (while some people were already learning tricks!). It was awesome having the opportunity to try something new.


  1. Hi i from wesley your school looks fun

  2. hi im alex from wesley yur skoolz lookz kewl az

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  4. hello i go to wesley intermediate, yur school lookZ pretty fun

    1. Hi Taylah, My name is Oalii.
      Have you ever done skating before?
      Well skating for us is super fun, one thing when I get on the skate board I'd get nervous. Am I going to fall? Am I gonna do good?
      Who knows. But it really is super fun. Anyways thanks for taking out your time to comment on our class blog.

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  5. Hey Taylah my name is Kahurangi i'm sure your school is pretty cool too, making 3D shapes were difficult but very fun,Also skateboarding was really easy but hard for some people we learnt were to place our feet and and how we should position our self on the skateboard.
    Sincerely Kahurangi