Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Interview with the Prime Minister

 Last week we were fortunate enough to have the Prime Minister over for lunch (yes really). After lunch, the prefects took the Prime Minister on a tour of the school, which ended with an interview with our school news crew.

Aye, Kris, Finau, Madi and Nadia from Room 4 were lucky enough to capture the footage of the Prime Minister and act as our official media team for the day. Madi, Finau and Kris operated the camera equipment, while Aye and Nadia were our news presenters. Check out their interview below!


  1. Hello Room 4 from pt England my name is Sydney and im from Wesley intermediate and im Room 5 and that was a really awesome interview you had with Jacinda Adern and some of those questions were very fascinating,its also very awesome that you guys were super confident talking to Jacinda. Just one
    Question what made you come up with those questions anyways,i hope you guys had a great time and enjoy your day ok guys Byeee.-sydney

  2. Hey my name is Mark and i come from wesley intermediate and i really liked how use wrote down how jacinda adern came to your guys school i would really love for her to come to our school.

    1. Talofa Lava! Mark,

      Thanks for a lovely comment

      Have an awesome day!

    2. Kia Ora Room 4,

      This was a very important day for Pt England. It was very nerve wracking, as our Prime Minister visited our school. I was lucky enough to gift her flowers and say a speech on behalf of our school. Keep up the great work.


  3. Hi Room 4 that is cool that you got to meet the Prime minister I really like the interview. How was she feeling? By Quinn at Ahipara school

  4. Hi room 4 I really like how you put in pictures and video of meeting Jacinda Ardern. From Lacey at Ahipara school.

  5. Hi my name is Diaz from Ahipara School and I like how you met the Prime Minister. I have all ways wanted to met her and liked how you asked her some questions.

  6. Hi its Xavier from Ahipara school. That is so cool that you guys get to interview aunty Cindy. I wish I could too.



  7. Hi room 4,
    I still can't believe that the Prime Minister came to our school! It seems so long ago, but I hope that maybe she can come to our school another time.
    From Kiarah