Thursday, 4 June 2020

Meet Room 4 Maths!

At the moment we are staying in our maths class all day, so Room 4 'home class' is looking quite different! Check out this video to meet some of our students:



  1. Kia Ora Room 4!
    So lovely to 'meet' you all and see your happy faces. I hope you're all enjoying being back at school.
    My name is Amanda and I'm going to be working with you and your teacher next week as a student teacher. I am really looking forward to being a part of your classroom and I have enjoyed looking at your blogs to see what you have been doing, the Kindness Project looked like fun and so did the skateboarding!
    A little bit about me, I am from Mangere and I have a 13 year old daughter. She has just started high school and is wanting to join the volley ball team and learn the Samoan language. She also wants to represent the school in the Samoan group like she did at intermediate school.
    I studied to be an early childhood teacher a few years ago but I have decided I would like to work with primary school students so I am studying this year to become a teacher next year.
    I am a big animal lover, I volunteer at the cat hospital at the SPCA and we foster kittens in our home until they are old enough to be adopted. We have a cat called Bee who is a year and a half old. I love to read, travel and I enjoy spending time with my family.
    I can't wait to see you all next week. Until then, have a great week and an awesome weekend and I'll see you soon.

    1. Malo e lelei Amanda,my name is Sauma,I am a year 7 at Pt-England school,which you are going to be visiting next week,which I am looking forward,to meet you,I really like how you love animals,because it is really interesting,and it must bring you happiness,Have an great day,see you next week.

    2. Hi my name is Troy. I am a year 7 learner at Pt-England school. Thanks for your positive comment we cant wait to do your work

    3. Thanks Sauma and Troy, great to meet you both. Did you get a chance to have a look at the maths activities we created for you? We would love to hear what you think. Have a great Friday!

  2. Buna ziua, my name is Iulia (like this: You-lee-ah) and I am from Romania. I first visited Aotearoa 11 years ago, when my kiwi husband and I went on a big road trip from Christchurch all the way to the Bay of Islands up North. I loved it so much, we moved here for good in 2011. We have two daughters: Cristiana is 7 and loves to swim, ride her bike and beat me at Pokemon; Zoe is 4 and loves dress ups, parties and following her big sister around. We've been part of our local Playcentre for nearly 6 years now and that is where I got the idea of becoming a kaiako. I am now a student teacher and will be learning from you, Room 4, and from your teacher Mrs. Stone. I have had a look at the interesting projects going on in your classroom, and I particularly liked the Book of the Road project and your beautiful poems. Have a great week at school and I hope to meet you all soon.

    1. Kia ora my is name Marika and I am one of the Students from room maths I am also 12 years old(I turned 12 in the lockdown). Some of my favourite things to do are baking, Acting,Reading and netball. I think that it is cool that you grew up in Romania and now you live in New Zealand! It is definitely a beautiful place. That would have been a very long drive from Christchurch to the Bay of Islands. Your daughter's seem like very nice girls. Me and Zoe would probably get along because I love dressing up too. I have one question, what is one thing that you miss about Romania? Excited to meet you guys

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    3. Mingalabar Lulia! I'm Tha Zin, a student in room 4 maths. Your name is really unique! Is there a meaning to it? I enjoy road trips with my family as well. I'm so excited to having you in our class, can't wait to learn from you!

      -Tha Zin

    4. Hi Marika and Tha Zin! Your have some great questions for me, sorry I didn't reply sooner.
      I miss my friends and family in Romania the most, especially since now I can't fly over and see them and they can't come to NZ. I also miss the food that my mum cooks for me, just like I like it. Which is why I am trying to learn how to cook all those Romanian dishes myself. I've made good progress during the lockdown when there wasn't much else to do anyway :)

      My name is spelled with an i because the Romanian language is close to the Latin language of the old Romans. The Romans did not have the letter "J". So Julius Caesar was actually Iulius Caesar, and his daughter was Iulia Caesaris. So that is how it stayed in Romanian too. My mum just liked the sound of it I think :)
      What about your names? How did your parents choose them and do they have a meaning?

  3. Kia ora Room 4,
    I am Nandini. I have been living in Auckland for seven years. It’s my husband’s job that bought me here. I came from India. I have a son, he is 13, going to be 14 in a few days. He loves sports, especially cricket. He plays for his club and school cricket teams. He loves reading from the genre of adventure, thriller and comedy.
    When I had finally moved to the city of sails, I worked in an Early Childhood Centre. After almost three years of working, I joined the university to study primary teaching. As I am now a student teacher, I will learn from all of you and your teacher Mrs Stone for the next couple of weeks.
    As a child, I had a rabbit and will be getting a puppy very soon. Nevertheless, my all-time favourite is the Polar Bear. Apart from reading books and watching movies, I love listening to my son’s chatter.
    Enjoy your week. See you soon!

  4. Hi Nandini my name is Kahurangi
    I also love sports and love to be a comedian too, I have three cats they are really fun to play with. Also i hope you will have a great time with miss Stone she is a great person and very kind.
    Sincerely Kahurangi