Thursday, 25 February 2021

Having the Prime Minister for Lunch


Today we had a once in a life time opportunity...We met the Prime Minister! She came because she created a policy for schools to get free lunches and we are one of them! Room 21, which is a year 3 and 4 class emailed her about how much they liked the lunches. She loved the emails so much that she decided she wanted to come to our school.

It was such an awesome experience, when she arrived she joined us for an assembly. We sang waiata, said a karakia and listened to her speak. We couldn't believe what she said!

The Prime Minister talked to us about all the letters she get's (She reads all of them!). She said "You don't have to be old for people to care about you opinions". It inspired us because we thought you had to be an adult to speak up! She also told us a bit about her life and asked if their were any issues that worried us. We talked about Covid, the house prices and student access to advices.

After giving her some flowers and the Manaiakalani hook, she came to room four and ate lunch with us. She handed the lunches out one by one to everyone. We got asked question by the Prime Minister like: "What do you think could improve in the lunches?", and "What was your favourite lunch so far?".

The Prime Minister was really considerate when talking to us, she gave everyone a piece of her time. Our school is so grateful for this experience and hoped she enjoyed her visit. Thank you Prime Minister, for everything. We will never forget having lunch with you.


  1. How special for you PES Tamariki! Loved reading this post as I missed out. She’s a very special person our Prime Minister! Loved that you all got to meet her today. Alofa Tele atu Room 4 and Team 5 AND rest of PES

    1. Hi Mrs Tele'a,

      Wow what an amazing experience it was - we will never forget it. Our students did us proud.

  2. Kia Ora room 4!

    I'm Zaeeda, in year 9 at Selwyn College. You might remember me as a former year 8. I love your post about the Prime Minister visiting your school. How lucky are you!?

    Your post was very informative and detailed, well written indeed! I also loved the PENN episode, filmed by Nadia and Aye.

    What a privilege it is to have such an awesome role-model visit your school! Keep up the great work!

    Kind Regards
    Zaeeda :)

    1. Kia ora Zaeeda,

      We might remember you yes. We thought of you and our Room 4 year 9s as we spoke to the Prime Minister - after all of our discussions last year it was amazing to see her in person.

      Take care and let us know how you are doing at college!
      Room 4 and Mrs Stone

  3. Hello Room 4 my name is Joseph I am in room 5 and I am a Year 7 at wesley intermediate school You guys are very lucky at getting to meet Prime Minister and you got to eat lunch with I am really jealous. What was in your lunch box and Did you guys enjoy the lunches?

  4. Hello Room 4,

    I'm a student from Wesley intermediate , I think that's its nice that youse had Lunch with the prime minister, We have lunches at our schools too.

    How was the Lunches ? and What was in your lunches ?

  5. Kia Ora Room 4, I am Rae Jae a member of this class.

    It was awesome having lunch with the Prime Minster. We had teriyaki chicken and some vegetables. I'd like to do this again sometime in the furture!

    Truthfully, Rae Jae.

  6. Kia Ora Room 4,

    It was such fun being able to not only have the Prime Minister for lunch but also to be able to interview her! It was such a lucky experince.

    Aye :)

  7. Kia Ora Room 4,

    I remember having her come over to our school it was fantastic! I hope you all enjoyed her visit just as much as I did. It was quite the experience.

    - Nadia :)

  8. Kia Ora Room 4,

    It was such an amazing time having her come to our school.I think she is a good prime minister.

  9. hello having the prime minister at school the lunches has to be good on that day not any other day

  10. Ki ora room 4 I really like your post about having lunch with the Prime Minister. I hope you guys had a good lunch with her.
    By Dakota

  11. Hi room 4 it is cool that you we are getting food next term also going to get food It looks really nice by Quinn at Ahipara school

  12. Hi it´s Diaz from Ahipara school, I like how you had lunch with the Prime Minister. I hope you had lots of fun with her. Keep up the good work.

  13. ki ora room 4 im Taj it looked in the photo´s that you were having a ball with Jacinda Ardern there with all of you´s.