Sunday, 19 July 2020

Getting Creative!

At the end of last term we spent a little time getting creative with art. This added a sense of 'us' and our personalities to our new class. 

In our first project, we learnt about colour and contrast as we created silhouette art. This was a really fun design which proved to be really effective. We each chose our own design for our art work and we experimented with different backgrounds - check them out below!

Next we made our inspirational quote artwork. This is a room 4 right of passage, as it is an activity that we do at the start of the year, every year. As we changed home class in term 2, we decided it was important to do to set up our space.


  1. Hi I'm Natalia from Wesley Intermediate School. The art you did looks very cool and there very colourful.

    1. Thanks Natalia

      Our class really enjoyed it, we also enjoy getting comments from you guys.


  2. Hello! I'm Lucretia from Wesley intermediate.
    All of your art looks amazing and you all did really well with the colours for the silhouette art!
    The inspirational quote art also looks amazing and I think you should all be really proud of yourselves!

  3. your art is realy cool and colourful

  4. Hello my name is Lyric and I am a student from Wesley Intermediate School. I was just scrolling through your guys blog and I saw these amazing pieces of artwork. All of your guys artwork is so creative some of those desingns are so amazing and they all look very hard to do I hope we get to try and make some artwork like that and I really like the one with the two dolphins how one is flying over the other that looks so amazing. I like how colourfull all the pieces of artwork were and the blend in all of the artworks and the sun set and sun rise are just on point. But that's all I would like to say to you guys I would like to try create my own picture of something like that but yeah that's all from me hope you have a good day and blog you later!.