Thursday, 30 July 2020

Team 5 Garage Sale 2020

Next week is our Year 8 camp so to fundraise, we held a garage sale in the weekend. We had a variety of things to sell from our very popular bake sale, Mrs Flavelle's bric a brac table as well as our usual cheese toasties, hot dogs and hot and cold drinks sale. 
We were also joined by many other vendors who packed out our hall with many different things to buy. Sands and Talitha groups had a lolly stall as well as chop suey and potato salad, Whaea Saff had deliciously hot mussel chowder and fried bread and even Team 4 teachers had a stall! They were selling yummy pulled pork buns and waffles. 

Mrs Ilaoa's sister had beautiful succulent plants and Tamaki College had clocks that students made out of vinyl CD's. 

Overall a very successful day for our Team 5 campers and a great day connecting with our community. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our bake sale and who came along to buy lots of goodies. 


  1. Hi Room 4, I really like how you guys had a garage sale I bet that you guys had yummy food to eat and really cool things to buy I hope you guys had fun during the garage sale.

  2. Kia ora Room 4 it's Marika here. As you know I did help in the Garage sale and it was so much fun raising money for Year 8 camp. I helped with the bake sale which means I got to smell and eat all the delicious baking that was made;) I'm so excited for camp and it wouldn't have been possible if we didn't have a garage sale

  3. Hey , My names Araura and i go to Wesley intermediate school. I really like your post and i wish i was there. There's so much yummy food that I can seem , I hope you had a good garage sale and i hope you mad heaps of money for your fundraiser! Have a good dad !