Friday, 10 July 2020

Zaeeda WLJ Day 5

Day 5
Today is the last day of the Winter Learning Journey. I've enjoyed this week and have had a lot of fun. Today's tasks were quite fun today!

Activity 1
For this activity we had to share 3 quotes that our family have said from about getting back to school in level 2. 

This first quote if about being back at school. Just because it's not lockdown anymore we should still continue to learn and grow and keep going. I don't really know about you guys, but for me especially lockdown was a really important time in which I reflected upon myself. After lockdown I had a fresh start and I got to restart things that I hadn't done very well in. I kept going and kept growing. Also remember It's important to do your best!
It's important to take care of yourself.  When your feeling down find one good thing to smile about it. It's the number one solution to any bad day. It can be for any reason. But I promise that it will make both you and the person next to you live a happier day.

This one relates to a quote my family said during lockdown which was "Sunshine is yet to shine on this cloudy day" we said that because, we were all waiting for the good news of, NO MORE LOCKDOWN to be announced which was going to be our sunshine. But now we speak of it as pass tense. This quote also relate to the fact that lockdown wasn't all that bad. New friendships were made but overall we became better as a community.

Bonus Activities
We had to come up with a message that we'd send to everyone in Aotearoa. It has to be 10 words at the most.

We also had to choose 3 emojis to show how we found this week.

I chose the ok hand as, my holidays and the winter learning journey has been okay. There wasn't anything that has made this holiday the best ever. But we still have one more whole week.

I also chose the emoji with the sun glasses. Because these activities were decently easy and I cruised through them, which gave me enough time to relax and just chill these holidays.

The last emoji just means that, I'm waiting for something else, something to make this holiday just a little bit more entertaining.  As you can see I'm a little bit underwhelmed right now. I hope you enjoyed this weeks WLJ activites!

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