Monday, 20 July 2020

Welcome to Term 3!

Today was the first day of term three, which at Pt England means an immersion assembly!

Check out Jahzara's recount of the assembly:

The assembly started with an introduction from Mr Burt, who explained this terms theme ' A World Of Difference '. Then each team presented what their focus was. First up was Team 1.

Team one mostly focused on how other people from other countries get to school, what they eat for lunch and what they do after school. Their main focus is to learn more about different countries. What they do before school, after and during. Schools in other countries are different to us and so I think it'll be cool that they're looking at how they work :)

Team Two had a set of the cartoon Dora. It was a cool way to present their movie. They had a look at other places around New Zealand. They had a look at the many famous places like, Rotorua and the mud pools, Queens town and the snow, ETC. They also made the choice to not only explore New Zealand but to also explore the world :)

Team 3 made a movie based off of 'The Amazing race.' Due to covid-19, some people haven't been able to travel the world. So they found a way to travel without getting on a plane. The amazing race had a whole bunch of challenges to complete. Visiting the many well known places around the world. Traveling to Egypt, New York, Rio and more.

Team 4! Team 4 looked at the different foods in other counties. They ate and discussed about where it comes from. They explored Google Earth and explored their food. I reckon this would be an amazing way to learn about different countries as many people do love food.

Team 5 based their movie off Sina and the Eel. We'll be looking at different Myths and Legends that link to different traditions and countries. We'll be showing our learning through, movies and animations. Although I know a few Myths around the polynesian area, it'll be cool learning more about different legends all around.

I'm very excited to learn lots this year. A fresh start to the term! Lets make the most of it :) 


  1. Hello room 4. I am really exited to learn about all the creepy, mysterious, and exiting myths and legends. I also loved the amazing performance that you guys did in assembly. Keep up the fantastic work.