Monday, 27 July 2020

The Leaning Tower of Spaghetti

This morning we returned to our literacy class for the first time since March! It was great (if a little strange) to be back and to read together once again.

Before we got into our reading, we had a quick challenge to remind us of some core skills of literacy; to be effective communicators, most notably. We got into our four reading groups and were given spaghetti, tape, string and a marshmallow.  The challenge was to create the tallest tower.

Each group had a different tactic, with some making spaghetti triangles, others simply sticking all the strands together vertically and others using the string to support the spaghetti to balance. In the end, Ihimaera took out the competition with an impressive 96cm tower they aptly named 'the learning tower of spaghetti. They were followed by Dahl with an 87cm tower. 

After the activity we discussed the keys to their success: communication, collaboration, active listening, sharing ideas, having fun. These are all skills that we will need to be successful in literacy over the next 6 months. 


  1. Gosh! That's a lot of spaghetti! How did you do that!? Did you get to cook it and eat it after?

  2. Hi Pt england school my name is michael from wesley intermediate and I love the idea and the passion to create a tower of spaghetti how tall it is is amazing and I congradulate Ihimaera greatly and Dahl cause thats still really tall for sphagetti!!! anyway looks like you had loads of fun and I hope to see more interesting blog posts soon!:)